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1 - How do I enroll my kids? What are the requirements?

Please go directly to REGISTER and click on How to Enroll. You will find all the steps and requirements there. We also have a How to Enroll button in the homepage for your convenience.

2 - Can my daughter swim even if she has asthma?

Yes. Studies have shown that swimming as long term benefits to children suffering from asthma. Please check this article: Study reveals long term benefits of swimming for children with asthma However, in an event of an asthma attack, the child should refrain from swimming temporarily and be treated with her prescribed medications.

3 - How can I be assured the pool that my son will swim in is clean?

We at BLSS make sure we inspect our pool venues regularly, and we have venue heads or coordinators who oversee the condition of the pools. It is part of our responsibility with the venue to keep the pool in tip top shape and safe for swimmers by regular water filtration and treatment.

4 - How can my daughter overcome her fear of going to the deep part of the pool?

The Bert Lozada Swim School is the only school in the country certified by the Miracle Swimming Institute (MSI), an organization in the United States that conducts swim courses for individuals with phobia or fear in the water, especially in the deep part. The Miracle Swimming program is not like the traditional cold-turkey approach of taking away phobia. It is a step-by-step approach which takes into account the fear and then heals this fear by identifying the root cause of the fear. Confidence is gained by the student not only physically, but more importantly, psychologically.

5 - I homeschool my kids. If I enroll them with BLSS, can this be their PE subject?

Yes. BLSS runs the swimming PE programs of various schools in Metro Manila and in provinces. This same curriculum can be applied to your homeschool set-up.

6 - Do you have a program for children with special needs?

Yes, if fact, we do. We accept students with Autism, ADHD, ADD and the like. Our Special Needs Program takes into consideration the student's emotional needs and physical capabilities. The goal is to help each student become physically active (using purposeful movements) and impart to them life-saving skills of swimming. It is interesting to note that some children with special needs are actually easy to teach because they are very focused and respond very well in the water.
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