1 - How do I enroll? What are the requirements?

Please go directly to REGISTER and click on How to Enroll. You will find all the steps and requirements there. We also have a How to Enroll button in the homepage for your convenience. For adults who have health problems, please consult your doctor before you decide to take up swimming.

2 - How long are the classes? What are the schedules and rates?

Each class is for 1 hour. Please come 10-15 minutes ahead so you have time to get ready. Schedules vary depending on the venue. Please go to LOCATIONS and find one nearest you. There you will see the rates and schedule of that particular venue.

3 - Can I learn to swim even if I have fears in the water?

Our lessons always begin with an assessment of the student’s capacity to swim. We carefully take into consideration physical, psychological and emotional factors, like fear which is very common among first-timers. We have learned from the Miracle Swimming Institute that no one can learn to swim if he/she has fears. Therefore, we teach them first how to be comfortable in the water before we teach them the swimming strokes. We believe that as long as a person has the desire to learn, anything is possible, and even traumas and fears can be eliminated.

4 - I am over 60 and want to get into a sport so I can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Is swimming for me?

Yes! Swimming is perfect for you because not only does it increase endurance, it is also less stressful to muscles and joints unlike other sports or exercises. The natural resistance of the water is a challenging force that pushes our body to achieve optimal results from the workout. With the combination of a cardio exercise and the refreshing feeling of the water, it’s easy to make swimming part of your lifestyle. It is never too late, but start now.

5 - Is there a weight requirement in order to swim?

Swimming has no weight requirement. In fact, swimming conditions the body and makes the metabolic process and circulatory system more efficient. If you are body-conscious, swimsuits have also gone a long way, and there are designs for both the modest and the modern. Just choose from a variety of styles to suit your preference. But be prepared to down-size later on because swimming regularly can most certainly taper off those unwanted pounds.

6 - Can I take up swimming without getting dark?

Yes. The best way is to choose an early morning or late afternoon schedule. Alternately, we have new indoor pool venues to cater to those who do not want to be exposed to the sun. Please check out our Locations to see if there is one nearest you. A good sunblock and regular application of it will also do the trick. You may also use rash guards (long sleeved swim suit) to protect you.

7 - I never learned to swim as a child. Where do I start?

No matter what your background is, whether you used to swim or never swam at all, we can help you. Our BLSS System always requires the student to start at his/her level of competency and slowly build up from there. There are no shortcuts. What’s important is that you learn the proper skills and techniques first so that you remain confident and ready for more challenging workouts later on.

8 - Isn't learning to swim just for kids?

While learning to swim is best introduced to children, one is never too old or too young to start. Swimming is a life skill that we all need. Kids and adults will be safer in or around the water when you have good swimming skills.

9 - What can I do while waiting for my kid’s swimming classes to finish?

Maximize your time by enrolling at our program as well. We have a new package called SWIM WITH ME Parent and Child Learn to Swim. This will encourage your child when he/she sees that you also want to learn. More importantly, you can learn a very important life skill instead of waiting in the hot sun. After all, parents should know how to swim even before their kids do. We can teach and improve your aquatic skills so that you can use it in case of water accidents, improve your fitness level if you want a workout, and improve your performance if your are preparing for a race.

10 - Is there a schedule for 9-5 office employees?

Yes, our lessons start as early as 6 AM for the early risers and end at 8 PM for those coming from work. Check out our Locations and find a schedule that will suit yours.

11 - How can I improve my endurance?

It always starts with learning the proper stroke and technique before anyone can swim distances without feeling tired. With the proper swim stroke and training program, plus swimming regularly, you can build endurance and eventually, power in the water.

12 - How can I start learning to swim so I can get into triathlon?

The best way to start is to learn how to swim properly. BLSS has trained triathletes in the swim leg who are podium finishers in major triathlon events like SubIT and White Rock. All you have to do now is to put on your swimsuit and enroll at a BLSS venue near you. See you at the pool!

13 - I am a triathlete and swimming is my weakest sport. How can I improve?

We have a swim training program for triathletes. It focuses on "efficient" swimming. We will teach you how to maximize your distance-per-stroke as well as build up your stamina for your endurance races. Call us now.
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