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What is the Bert Lozada Swim System?

We believe in counting our A's before our B's. Success can only be achieved when something is done with an honest initial assessment, a systematic progression of effective efforts, with a clear goal to improve.

In all our courses, there are specific skills that are vital to performance, whether from infant to adult or from beginner to competitive swimming. At the onset of enrollment, a student is met where he or she is at his/her current skill level, then placed in a program that will move him/her forward to the next level. We take care to consider the student's emotional needs knowing that infants, kids and adults all start with varying degrees of confidence in the water. Fear would be at starting point 0, while "confidence" the ideal. For kids, we play games to make the water experience fun, while we explain and demonstrate to adults that to every action in the water there is an "effect".

Competitive swimmers are taught that proper form or technique has to be learned first before we think of swimming fast and winning all the medals. This is the system we at BLSS strictly adhere to. There are no shortcuts to achieve total independence or success in the water.

BLSS knows that rewards are a great motivator to excel. The BLSS Swim System also incorporates a rewards scheme to recognize the student's achievements. Each summer, we have an event called The Gathering of Champions to let our students celebrate the fruits of their hard work and to signify that they are moving up.

Our teachers are continuously trained so that no matter who your next instructor will be, you can be sure that the BLSS swim system will take you to the next level.

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